Embracing Simple

I grew up in a simple house, in a simple town – population 4,000. Russia got a McDonald’s before we did and, yes, entertainment comprised of “cruising the square” on Friday nights. I married an engineer, thinking my life would be spent in a same simple small town the rest of my life. HA HA. We just made our 10th move and I have to admit suburbia life has been hard for me. There are church holiday parties and subdivision parties, ladies second income parties, one-two-and even THREE hobbies PER KID some people do…it has been draining on me. Perhaps it was the way I was raised, on a quiet street on a quiet town? Who knows. But on THIS move, I’ve done something different: embraced the simple.

I used to feel bad or “less than” when i was overwhelmed with all the busy-ness that seems to accompany suburb/city life, but 4 words changed that: “That’s just not me”. Nothing is wrong with the church and suburb and sports, but “that’s not me.” I’m learning to let go of the guilt and embrace who God made me to be: a little more simple, a little “less”. And that’s OK.

What is it that you have been trying to “keep up” that you need to let go or change in 2020?

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