Perfection: Satan’s Favorite Weapon for the Yuppie Mom

I’ve done it, and you probably have too: seen a pinterest looking photo of a neatly laid out Bible and devo book, complete with a cup of coffee and perhaps a fresh-cut bowl of flowers and I do it: vow that THIS will be the year I do THAT – have a daily, calm time set aside free of distractions for communing with my Lord. Yet, life doesn’t work that way for me, sadly. As soon as I sit to commune (even if I COULD find a clutter-free zone), the littles start fighting or the bigs need a ride somewhere…seems my ideal prayer time never evolves.

But, can I tell you, sister, that’s ok? While a idealic setting may feel nice to US, God knows where we live. He knows our busy, crazy lives. And here’s the good news: God doesn’t want to wait for a Pinterest worthy study space complete with Martha Stewart decor, He wants YOU. He wants you praying throughout the day under your breath as you head to carpool, he wants your prayers in carpool or while doing laundry. He doesn’t want to WAIT for you to prepare the ideal place – which, let’s f AC e it, might never happen. He wants YOU, now. Whether it’s midnight or 6 AM, at an outdoor getaway or in the tub. Just come to Him. Don’t let the devil’s tool of “perfection” keep you from coming to your Lord. He wants us all, where we are, just as we are.

New resolution for 2020: go to him continually, perfect space or not.

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