Love the Broken

We moved 3.5 hours away to Atlanta right before Christmas. Decorations included the bare tree my oldest was nice enough to put up and sparse decorations my youngest could find. Our gifts to each other we either in Walmart plastic bags or we used the same gift bag numerous times, passing it around after we were done opening our gift. But it was fun, we are happy & healthy and relatively sane so all is well…On Christmas Eve-Eve our youngest yells “We didn’t buy our ornaments this year!” while fighting tears. So, off we go to Hobby Lobby. You know, the place that’s had Christmas decorated since August so on Christmas Eve-Eve they only have FOUR left to choose from 🙄. I digress. So, we found an ornament that we thought each of the children would like, except my youngest. Always a difficult decision maker, she finally selected a princess one, with flowing skirt and teal crown. O

“0h, no! This one is broken. One of her arms is missing,” I said, beginning to put it back on the shelf.

“That’s ok, Mommy! I still love her!” And with that simple statement from a child, I bawled in the middle of Hobby Lobby. For I, too, have deeply loved not-so-perfect people. And you probably have, too. People The World would dismiss, or call a “bother” or difficult. But they are all God’s children, made in His image for His glory. My little guy I love happens to have dyslexia, dysgraphia, closed spina bifida and slow processing disorder. But do I love him any less? NO! God forgive me for almost teaching a very bad lesson – that if it doesn’t look “perfect” it’s discarded. And thanks be to God for the teaching of a child to remind us that imperfections do not merit one unloveable, and we should always, always love the broken.

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