New changes feel weird

We are moving. Gag. For the 10th time. Double gag. Part of moving is packing and … DECLUTTERING!!! My parents were both teachers and I inherited their (needed) pack-rat ways combine that with 4 kids who are all artsy/craftsy and it is a MESS around here. Decluttering for me is super hard. Like, trying to do trigonometry for most people. I feel confused, exhausted and like i’m sinning as i envision my grandmother who lived through t he Great Depression tisking me in shame every time i throw something away. But, truth is, we are not living in the Great Depression. This is a different time and place and some things just need to go!

Sometimes our spiritual lives are like that. Maybe we’ve inherited bad ways or patterns of living that need to go, but it is HARRRD, so very, truly HARD to do something different, something new. Many times, it feels foreign and even wears us out, it’s such a different reality than we’re used to. But we must keep our eye on the ultimate prize and press on, despite the hardness and foreign feeling and exhaustion. For, at the end, comes the reward. If you are trying to break old ways, or plow a new spiritual path KEEP GOING! Your future generations will thank you!

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