Eyes that See

This Christmas I did something crazy. I gave my color blind father-in-law those glasses that help correct color blindness. Unlike the videos you see on tv, it actually takes 15 minutes of use before your brain begins to “see” the new vibrations. Even though it is “neat” most color blind people do not wear the glasses full time. Why? They are accustomed to the blindness.

I had a similar experience when I went to correct my “2-D” vision. I have never been able to see 3-D, and was about to get laser vision to correct it. Over the weekend they gave me glasses that corrected my stigmatism and Even though it allowed me to see the world as I had never seen it before (trees are really cool, by the way), There was a problem. The focused vision made me not see actions that were coming. I was photographing a wedding that weekend and actually missed shots I normally would’ve gotten because I couldn’t see the actions coming from my peripheral vision because my eyes were so focused on one thing. I actually canceled the surgery. Why? Because I found the strength in my weakness.

Spiritual Weaknesses are a tricky thing. On one hand we don’t need to become complacent or accepting of sin, But we do need to find the value of our weakness because the Bible says “when I am weak then I made strong” because it is our weaknesses that make us rely on God and build our strength/character. If you have a weakness that bugs you and you’ve done all you can to rid yourself of it, REST. IN. HIM. In Him is where you will find the strength to carry on, even if “carrying on” means continuing on WITH your weakness. He can use ALL THINGS for His purpose and glory.

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