Beautifully Adorned

Christmas has already sprung. Hobby Lobby is decked out in tinsel, trees and lights and carols are playing at the grocery store. In October. It’s all a bit…early, but one thing I do enjoy: the crystal trees. They resemble the tree at Crystelle Creek restaurant in Gatlinburg that stands over 12 deep tall, dripping in glittery icicle lights. I could spend hours watching the slow moving, dripping lights. It is a tree most beautifully adorned.

The Bible also uses the phrase “beautifully adorned” except it’s not talking about trees, but women. Most specifically, the ones with “gentle and quiet spirits.” 1 Peter 3:4 says the women of past were like this, “adorning themselves with a gentle and quiet spirit, WHICH IS OF GREAT WORTH TO GOD.” In this day and age, the loud and proud and entertainers get the glory but what is of great worth to God? A “gentle and quiet spirit.” He calls those people “beautifully adorned.” May we all strive to become what pleases God and not man.

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