Just Show Up

I remember my first writer’s conference. It was actually songwriter’s conference and I was scared to death. They had times where we could present our songs to Nashville VIP’s & I knew I was over my head. I’d only been writing songs about a year and was “low man on the totem pole” after listening to the other “novices” around me. Most were musicians and singers, as well as writers, and had performed and written all their lives. There were only 3 spots that would be selected to meet one-on-one with the music producers and there were 8 of us in the room. Sometime During the tryouts, I went to the restroom and had a good cry. What was I doing?? Me, a middle aged mom of 4 – trying to run with the big dogs? I was filled with self doubt and resolved to go home and save myself the shame.

But, just as I was waiting for the elevator to arrive, I heard a voice whisper from deep within, “If you’re not gonna make it, you’re not gonna make it. But don’t make it be at your own hand.” I turned back to head for the critique room, to be told by an attendee, “Hey, they’ve been looking for you. One girl (the talented one) stormed out angry & the two other guys got a scheduling conflict so they wanna see me and you and Fish tomorrow.” Who’ve thought?! All the wise lessons my dad and grandpa taught me about doing your best no matter what came flooding back. You might not be the best, or even most worthy, but JUST SHOW UP. You never know! (Oh, and I got 2 second places, one 3rd & an Honorable Mention that year. Whoop!)

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