Walking in the Dark

I write songs occasionally, and I have been amazed at the number of times I have written a song & then, in the future, it fits someone’s life perfectly, mirroring what they are going through. Every time, they will tearfully share how the song helped them. Strangely, in almost every case, those songs were the ones I didn’t “get”…didn’t really like where the song was going because it was “too heavy” or “too sad” or “not radio friendly”. There’s a term with artists called The Muse. All artists have a love/hate relationship with The Muse because it has them create something beautiful, but usually sends them off the path they had in mind. We are taught to respect the Muse, however, and follow where it leads.

The same can be said of the Holy Spirit. Many times his urges and hints and whispers can seem odd, make us uncomfortable – because we cannot see what is ahead. Following Him is like walking in the dark – on blind faith. But the outcomes are always beautiful!

I had a song inspiration once about a boy with cancer, the chorus being “You can’t fix everything”. Very heart tugging but I recorded it anyway. THREE YEARS LATER it perfectly mirrored the life of a friend whose boy had cancer. The song ministered to her tremendously! But God is funny like that: He is not constrained by time. Let us all resolve to listen to that still, small voice that doesn’t make sense or seems inconvenient…it just might be exactly what someone needs – now, or in the future.

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