Tenacity. The word brings up opposite emotions. On one hand, tenacity can be viewed as a good trait. In other situations, it is implied a bad one.

If Jacob were to be given a new name, Tenacity would be the perfect one. Webster defines “tenacity” as “the quality of being able to grip something firmly” – and Jacob was literally gripping from the time he exited the womb, gripping his brother’s heel. Then he gripped his brother’s inheritance. And then his brother’s blessing. Today, we would say he had the tenacity to do such things with a tisk and an eye roll.

But it was this same tenacity that caused him to work first seven, then seven more years for Leah’s hand in marriage. And later, this tenacity allowed him to literally wrestle God! Who has the tenacity to wrestle God?! Jacob did. And he wasn’t blessed in spite of the fact he wrestled God, but BECAUSE of it!

Tenacity, like many things, is neither good nor bad – but how we use it. Will we use our stubborn will to hold fast to God’s truths or use it to hold grudges? Will we use our tenacity to go boldly where God leads or merely do as we wish? May we use our tenacity in service to the One wrestles and blesses us!

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