In addition to writing, I enjoy photography. For a few years, I did wedding photography while living in Atlanta. As a photographer, scenes/images will “jump out” at you. Sweet scenes like a Grandmother holding hands with her granddaughter bride in prayer, or wedding rings on a family Bible – these images jump out and demand to be captured. For writers, the same is true for words. At songwriter conventions, someone will be talking and all of a sudden everyone around them grabs their phones and will begin typing – they are all typing the same words the speaker just said that inspire The Muse. It’s as if the special words FLASH through the air, like a lightbulb. As such, there have always been words that make an impression on me. “Undaunted” is one of them. “Undaunted” conjures up images of a brave warrior heading into battle with his head held high, despite the fear within him (think, “Brave” movie). It signifies courage, confidence and pressing forward without hesitation or a second thought. It is a word displayed in Genesis 22:5.

Genesis 22 is the account of Abraham going to sacrifice his son, Isaac, at God’s command. If you know the story of Abraham, and how long he had to wait for the promised son, it is a gut-wrenching scene. While rereading the story, one word jumped out at me: After he had cut enough word for the burnt offering, Abraham said to his servants, “Stay here with the donkey while I and the boy go over there. We will worship and then WE will return.” WE. Wait a minute. Didn’t Abraham know what a sacrifice was? Didn’t he know that God required him to KILL his son? Yes, he did. But Abraham also knew the God he served. He knew the promise God had made to make a great nation from his son. He knew the nature of God, and how God cannot lie. He also knew God could resurrect his son from the dead, if need be, to fulfill his promise. And so, he continued up the mountain, firewood in hand and Isaac beside him. UNDAUNTED.

UNDAUNTED by the task before him and the doubts hurled at him. UNDAUNTED by reason and fear. UNDAUNTED at what the future might, or might not, hold – he carried on.

That’s the kind of faith I want. Faith that presses on courageously. That does not listen to doubt. Faith that stand in the fire and beside the lions without trembling – not because of my own strength, but because of the knowledge and assurance of what my God can do and the promises He’s made. To walk aright, firm and sure – UNDAUNTED.

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