Sweet Submission

One of my favorite people of the Bible has become Jonathan. Jonathan and David were best of friends. So much so, in fact, we are told “their souls were knit together .” I’m sure they played together, hunted together and prayed together. They were inseparable. ..until one day they weren’t.

They were an odd match, David and Jonathan. You see, one would expect Jonathan to be the next King. Afterall, he was King Saul’s son. But years prior, it was DAVID, not Jonathan, who was chosen by God and anointed as the future King if Israel. Despite the fact that David was essentially “robbing” him of his rightful kingship, Jonathan not only ACCEPTED it, he LOVED David. He submitted to God’s will, even when it seemed detrimental to himself. He longed more for the will of God than his own position.

He didn’t have to be that way. His father, King Saul, is an excellent example of what he could have been: jealous. So jealous, in fact, it led to anger, paranoia and the death of 89 priests. You see, instead of embracing God’s decision and will, Saul rebelled against it. He became so enraged and intent on David’s demise that David had to flee the palace, never to see his bestie Jonathan ever again. Sin has a way of doing that – affecting others and everything around us.

My prayer has become to be a Jonathan. To trust God so fully that I can rejoice in my adversaries, and find rest with them at the table of trust. Where submission to His will replaces any second thoughts and makes the clouds of doubt roll away. To choose to find immense blessing when tempted to cling to a fake idea of control. By choosing sweet submission, Jonathan gained a friend closer than a brother instead of being consumed with envy, leading to unbridled paranoia, he gained a friendship to rival all friendships. Submission has been given a bad wrap lately, but when it’s to GOD’S will, you cannot lose.

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