Peace for Everyone

I remember when life was easy. When our only children loved school and were ahead of the curve and there had been no cancer or fatigue. That feels like a lifetime away. Cut to today where both littles hate school, we are constantly battling learning disabilities and fatigues. There’s never a moment I’m not worried about something or unhappy with situationally. It was during one of these “Whatever will become of us?!” Moments when I heard His voice speak to my heart:

“Peace is not only for the worry-less, my child. My peace I give to all.”

And that day, I claimed it. Peace is not merely for the folks who have it all together and all their kids are above average, healthy and college bound. Peace he gives to all, specifically the weak and heavy laden. In that moment I realized: anytime I choose to worry about futures or ANYTHING, I am making THAT an idol over God, because God has promised to take care of us.

Claim his blessing today, friend, of PEACE!

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