The Victory is in the Surrender

So many times the battle comes not as flaming temptation with a neon sign, but as gentle whispers and doubts. As with Eve, the devil loves to instill doubt.

“Did God REALLY SAY…?”

Satan doesn’t need to go into full battle. He can usually get a foothold and then we do the rest of his work for him, sadly.

It’s important to know what to do during those moments. Interestingly, the victory lies in the surrender. We take captive the doubts that are being hurled our way and we hit a knee and admit, “Lord, this is too much for me. Can you fight this battle for me?” I truly believe that’s when all heaven happily and gleefully springs into action: the frontlines are battling demons we can’t even see.

But we have to ask. Ever the gentleman, God will let us handle our own problems until we do say “I need you Lord!”

Need a victory? Just surrender.

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