The Best is Yet to Come!

Besides salvation, one of the best blessings of following Christ is His promise of what is to come. Sometimes life goes as perfectly planned – but for most people it does not. If you are in the latter group, you are in good company. Jesus did not attain earthly rule, Moses did not get to enter the Promised Land, David did not get to build the Temple, Rahab the harlot never knew that it was HER lineage that brought the Savior of the world…There is an entire chapter in Hebrews 11 called the Chapter of Faith that lists people who did not get their reward this side of the grave EVEN THOUGH THEY WERE FAITHFUL AND DID EVERYTHING RIGHT. Even though that feels unfair, there is beauty in it. For, you see, our God is NOT LIMITED BY DEATH. If we don’t get our “reward” on this side, there is a whole other side – eternity – where God will reward, make things new, reunite loved ones and heal all wounds. Your loved one dies? It’s OK! Heaven is coming! You were wounded and wronged? It’s OK! Heaven is coming! The best, most anticipated things are sometimes not attained this side of the Veil: Jesus, Moses, the Isrealites, Rahab…all had to WAIT for their reward post-grave. BUT FOR THOSE WHO WAIT COME THE SPOILS! Hang on, weary soldier! The best is yet to come!

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