This World is Not My Home

There is a poignant scene in the movie The Patriot where a white and black soldier are about to fight alongside each other. The black soldier is serving so that, at the end of his term, he will be a free man. Right before the two jump up to fight what very well might be their last battle, the white soldier looks at him and says, “And just what are you going to do with your freedom?” Even at a young age, the question cut through me, as if the character was speaking to me directly. Only, my spirit interpreted it as, “And just what are you going to do with your freedom here? Are you going to use it for selfish pursuits? Are you going to piddle your days away focusing on the trivial? Or are you going to make the most of your freedom in Christ – sharing the lifesaving Gospel news of Christ, raising your children to know Him, being a friend to the friendless and bringing hope to the hurting? You only have limited time, my friend, so…WHAT WILL YOU DO WITH YOUR FREEDOM?” It’s a question we all have to answer everyday when our feet hit the floor. Will our lives this day be used to help or hurt the kingdom? Will we use our God-given talents and opportunities to promote His agenda or our own? Time is limited, whether we like to think of it in that way or not. At the end of the journey, will we be happy with how we answer the Lord when He asks, “And just what did you do with your freedom?”

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