Faith with Feet

There’s a saying in the deep South: “Get to steppin’ !” It means “Get to work! Start hustling! Get a move on!” We are all familiar with the famous Faith Chapter in Hebrews 11. It lists many of the Old Testament “greats” and their admirable faith. What is interesting, however, is all the faith statements are followed up with ACTION verbs.

“By faith: Able BROUGHT, Noah BUILT, Abraham LEFT, Sarah CONCEIVED, Abraham OFFERED, Isaac BLESSED, Joseph PROPHESIED, Moses parents’ HID, Moses LED, Isrealites MARCHED, Rahab HID, Gideon FOUGHT, David WENT, the Prophets SPOKE…

While faith is the SUBSTANCE of things hoped for, the EVIDENCE of things not seen (Hebrews 11:1), it is also DEAD without works (James 2:17). In short, faith without action is just WISHFUL THINKING. Faith – TRUE faith – is always followed by action. The Red Sea did not part until the feet of the Isrealites touched the water. The woman was not healed until she REACHED out and touched his hem. The 5,000 were not fed until they COLLECTED the fish and loaves. Perhaps if we are not seeing the “miracles”, we are not following our faith with action. Let us urge each other on to step out of the boat, and (as they say in the South), “Get to steppin’ !”

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