The Mimosa

The Mimosa is a hardy tree, growing in harsh (sometimes desert like) conditions, yet it produces beautiful, fragrant blooms. We had such a tree in our side yard in middle Tennessee. I remember, even as a young child, recognizing the uniqueness of this strange plant, with it’s fern-like leaves and alien blossoms and wondering just how it got there. But I was also drawn to it. Something about it screamed, “I am strong. I am different. Yet, I am beautiful.”

When choosing a name for this blog site, the name Sweet Mimosa just kept coming to me. After my research, the image of a strong, hardy, beautiful tree that thrives despite the conditions around her rang in my spirit. To then learn that it can survive in almost any soil clinched the name. As Christians, we are in rocky soil. This world is not our home. Yet, the Good Lord, with time and a little water and care, grows us into something beautiful. Walk with me, friends, as we encourage each other on this journey together.

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