Sustaining Faith

The journey of faith is a (sometimes scary) emotional rollercoaster. On one hand, it acts as a safety net & simultaneously teases. Mary was told she would have the Son of God (emotional high), but she was an unmarried young woman (emotional low), but she knew God would sustain her (emotional high). Joseph was told he would rule (high) but then got sold into slavery (low), thrown into prison (double low), all with the “failed prophecy” hanging over his head (triple low) only to become VP of the world (high). When we find ourselves in “the pit,” part of us wants to mourn and wail and cry…and yet….there is something that whispers “this is not the end.” It is both comforting and teasing. Comforting, because it is not the end. But teasing because we don’t know how things will play out. Sometimes our mustard seed of faith feels more like a wish whispered on the wind, unstable & unsecured. We fleshly want to fall apart, yet faith reminds us of that thing called hope. Hope. Nothing in itself, but EVERYTHING in the hands of God. If you find yourself in the pit, keep believing. Keep praying. Keep hoping.

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