Looking Stupid

Sometimes faith makes you look stupid. It did Noah as he built an ark. It did Moses’ mother, as she fashioned a basket for a baby destined to die. And it did me, today.
Today as I was getting ready, the Lord urged me to tAke a beaded bracelet to a new friend. I worried I would look stupid – I had no idea if she even liked braceletS. But I took it.
Before I got there, I saw on fb SOMEONE HAD GIVEN HER SOME BEADED BRACELETS JUST THAT MORNING! What are the chances??? I was tempted for a second to cave to the false god of reason & not give her the bracelet when I heard the Lord whisper, “i told you to give her the bracelet, regardless of what others have done.” I felt silly. I felt stupid. But I gave her the bracelet.
Faith does that sometimes: asks you to do the illogical. Many times acts of faith don’t make sense and we might never know the point. But that’s why they call it faith.
If you feel an urge, but it seems “stupid,” – DO IT! Step out into the unknown and watch God work wonders you never even dreamed of! You will only feel stupid for a moment, I promise! 😄

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