Living in Remembrance

I love the stories of David, and the account of him and Goliath is still one of my favorites. I love the idea of the underdog gaining victory over God’s mocker. I noticed that when David challenged Goliath, everyone was doubtful, even his brothers. King Saul himself even tried to give young David his own armor! There was one who did not doubt: David. David did not doubt because he remembered God giving him victory over not only a lion, but also a bear. When these happened, his friends were not around. They had not yet perhaps seen the mighty hand of God bring the victory. But David lived in his remembrance. Perhaps you have been in a similar situation, where well meaning and supportive friends aren’t quite so supportive. Know this: their lack of support is based on their level of faith. Many people do not think God can bring the victory because they have never seen it before. But you have. Perhaps you have had God kill the symbolic lion and bear in your past, so you know he can do it again. Don’t fully listen to the whispers of your friends. They might not yet have stood with feet mired in mud, watching as God parted the sea. But you have. Remember those times. Cling to those times, knowing that the same God who brought you through the fire first time can bring you through again! Live in full remembrance, friend, of all God has done for you!

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