Letting Go

I see you, Mom, running around making breakfast and packing lunches, throwing your hair into a messy bun and your legs into your leggings as you sigh when you see your reflection in the mirror. You remember when life was less hurried and …easier. When you had time for things like manicures and lunches with friends. When your kitchen was always clean and tidy. Now, your manicures are replaced with stubby, “sensible” nails and what is a clean kitchen, again? And here it comes: the feeling that you have failed. That you are “less than” for not “doing it all.” Can I tell you, friend, that is a lie from the enemy? You see, we were never meant to do it all – simultaneously. In the game of life with work and kids and husbands, something’s gotta give. It is a false assumption to believe otherwise. We feel guilty for not having as much time for friends or not keeping a spicnspan house, but we need to accept the fact that time – and our energy – are finite now. No one gave us a memo between “no kids” and “having kids” that things would change drastically & some things would HAVE to be let go. It is not a failure, it is REQUIRED. Gone are the days of endless time and energy, those things are now valuable and limited. You HAVE to make hard choices now (manicure or nap, spotless kitchen or help kids with homework). Now is the time for LETTING GO. You no longer have time for EVERYONE, so select 2 main friends. You can no longer be perfect, so be present. Here, sister, is your “guilt free” certificate! From now on, when you see the dishes piled up think “Wow! I made a better choice to get a nap.” Or when you start to feel guilty for not going out as much, think, “Wow! I spent time with those who really matter!” We have to change our personal dialogue to rid ourselves of the false guilt the enemy loves to send our way. Letting go. It’s now part of the game.

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