Strange Signs

There’s a strange phenomenon people hardly notice as they walk through forests in the South: bent trees. As a child, we used to play on these trees, enjoying their low proximity. But recently I learned of their importance.

The trees were actually MADE this way, on purpose, by human hands. Native American hands, to be specific. They made the trees to point to important things (usually water or elk hunting grounds). So, as you are walking the bent tree marks the way to let you know something important is in THAT DIRECTION. Similarly, the Bible acts as our trees, pointing the way we should go, telling us of the important things that are to come. There are even “bent tree” phrases like “He who has an ear, let him hear” (meaning, “Listen up!”) to specifically highlight something of the utmost importance. But, like only finding the trees in the forest, you will only find these nuggets of wisdom in the Bible. We would be wise to study them so we, too, will know which way to go.

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