Sweet Surrender

My prayers the past few years have centered around restoration, renewal and redemption. I have pleaded for God to redeem the time and moments stolen by illness and restore the energies and relationships within our family. But Restoration and redemption both require surrender. Surrender to the unknown. Surrender to “different.” Surrender to doing things a new way. Surrender of the old ways. Joseph knew all too well about surrender. He had to surrender his family, his home, his freedom and, perhaps, the future he thought he had been promised and dreamed about – literally and figuratively. The story ends well, though, as Joseph becomes second in command of, essentially, the whole world. He is given a wife and riches and reconciled to his family. All seems hunky dory. And yet…

Joseph asks for his bones to be taken back to The Promised Land, his homeland, to rest(Genesis 50:25). On the surface we assume Joseph is thoroughly happy – he is wealthy, in charge and “The Man” but his dying request speaks differently. It hints of a soul who still longs for home.

I love that verse because it shows the deep conflict we sometimes face between our flesh and spirit when following God’s will. It shows surrender. You, like Joseph, can know something is BEST and BLESSED and GOD’S WILL and it STILL not feel like home. And that’s ok. Because following God’s will does not always mean we are in agreement or “ok” with His decisions. We might have all the world at our feet and still not “feel it.” That’s ok. When you wrestle between obedience and the flesh, that’s actually normal. So, what do we do? Surrender. Step by step, and daily. Continually. Until His will has become our journey and story. But it all starts with Surrender.

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