Thankful for the Fleas

It happened sometime around our sixth move. I’m not sure if it was the fact we’d just moved again, or the fact the quarantine hit right after, but it wasn’t long after The Worries hit. And not just your typical worries. I found myself almost paralyzed at times with thoughts of the future, particularly my son’s future. Since the age of 3 we’ve known he had at least one learning disability and time proved it true. His dyslexia was only outweighed by his dysgraphia (handwriting) so school was not what you would call “fun.” I’ve known this f or years, but for some reason was AWASH with worry as to what would happen in the future.

That’s when I heard about the fleas. Corrie Ten Boom lived through the concentration camp of World War II. Somehow they got their hands on a Bible and found the verse that said to praise God f or everything. Everything? Yes, everything. So, they did. Down to the infectious fleas that constantly berated them. They later found out that it was t he fleas that caused the male soldiers to avoid their particular cabin. So, I did it. I started thanking God for the fleas. I thanked him for the way God had made Jace, with his tender heart, helpful nature and, yes, even the disabilities. I thanked him for the unrelenting dyslexia and dysgraphia, still praying for continual healing, but also for the disabilities.

I’ve noticed sometimes God brings healing and sometimes he brings insight. It was during one of my prayers that I realized my stress came from me trusting my own plans and path MORE THAN I TRUSTED GOD. Ouch. I made a concerted decision to STOP worrying.

Do I still worry? Sure. But this time instead of choosing to fret, I pray. I thank God for the “fleas” and His promise to supply all our needs…even when we cannot see the way.

Don’t forget to praise God – fleas and all!

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