Idols came Tumbling Down

When God sent the plagues on Egypt, He did it specifically. He didn’t just randomly select “frogs” or “fleas.” No. Each plague He sent represented one of their false gods. When He turned the water to blood, He was overruling the false god of the Nile River (Hapi). When God sent the lice, He was toppling their god “Geb,” god of the Earth. He slowly knocked down “Nut – goddess of the sky, then “Seth – god of Storms”, then “Ra” and finally “pharaoh” by sending death. Similarly, we have recently experiences the toppling of OUR modern day idols: entertainment, self-sufficiency, convenience, comfort…the question lies before us that lay before Pharaoh: what are you going to do?

The Bible says you can know something by it’s fruits. During this time of “plague” we have had unhurried dinner every night, been more thankful for the food we find, communicated with our neighbors more, prayed at length daily, had at least one night a week of praise and music…quite honestly, it has been better. Not as comfortable or entertaining or least restrictive, but BETTER. This is not to say we LIKE why this came about (we ask daily for those afflicted to be healed) but I hope that the good that has come from this ordeal will be kept. What idol has toppled for you? How will you ensure it does not overtake you again?

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