I used to bemoan naps. I remember on Sunday afternoons my parents requiring me to either nap or read. Oh, how I loathed the naps! I remember the time ticking away so slowly…

Then, I became an adult. Four kids later, naps are now my favorite hobby. My husband says I am a “connoisseur” of sleep & that sounds about right. But it doesn’t come without extreme guilt.

Even though I know raising four kids, not to mention homeschooling 2, requires a lot of mental and emotional energy I still feel guilty for resting. In this “go, go, go” “do, do, do” achievement oriented society we live in in America, to even rest feels almost like a sin itself. So, I changed the definition of rest.

We know that even God himself rested after creation and even commanded a day of rest for his people. He also required the agricultural land to take a rest every seven years to rebuild the nutrients in the soil. Rest is not just a good idea, it is COMMANDED by God!

My new definition of rest?


Energy (to)



We are not going to be able to keep going without rest. We are not going to be able to stay the race long without rest. So, kick that guilt to the curb. REST is a good thing!

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