Who told you?

Adam and Eve had literal paradise on Earth until the devil lied to them. As we all know, they fell for his lies leading to our condition today. Interestingly, God does not confront them with anger or accusations, but questions. First, he asked, “Where are you?” After they revealed themselves, God asked another question: “WHO TOLD YOU you were naked?”

I’ve found myself in recent months relying heavily upon that question. Our son has a few learning disabilities and quirks and I’ve noticed the devil plaguing me witb arrows of doubt and fear concerning his future. It was only recently that, in the middle of my prayer, I hear the still, small voice whisper to me, “Who told you?”

“Who told you your son would be destitute? Who told you he would forever struggle? Who told you he had to measure up to his peers?” The answer is obvious: not God. While our fears and worries make us feel like things are out of control, God so gently and meekly reminds us that those might be the messages of the world, but they are not HIS messages. This makes us then wonder: what does HE say?

In my case, He has promised protection and provision to my son, to hold him in His hands and make his paths straight. He promises a HOPE and a FUTURE, the total OPPOSITE of the lie the devil is always shoveling at me.

If you find yourself struggling with the same worry continually, ask yourself “WHO told me that?” Then replace those messages with what GOD actually says, himself. Repeat as necessary 🙂

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