Differing Weapons

We all know the story of David and Goliath, how David bravely slew the huge man with a stone and a sling. But before the battle came the prep. King Saul, despite himself being one of the tallest men in Isreal, cowered in fear, but instructed David to wear his kingly armor into battle. The problem? Another man’s armor didn’t fit young David, didn’t suit him. It actually encumbered & hindered him!

Point? In our spiritual walks, no one is the same. Some our strong where others are weak. Some are skilled while others are just beginning. In our efforts to grow spiritually we should not assume that what works for others will work for us. Are you a night owl? Then do your prayers and study at night. Are you still struggling with a certain, pesky sin? Try fasting AND prayer. What works for one might not work for everyone, so feel free to tweak strategies to suit you. Afterall, the overall goal is to win over evil – whether you use a sword or a stone.

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