Value in the Journey

We all know the favorite Bible stories of old: Daniel in the lions’ den, Jonah in the whale, Abraham and Isaac… we love how God protected them and kept them safe. But notice closer: God saved Daniel from the lions, but Daniel still had to remain in the pit alllllll night.

God was kind enough to send Jonah a whale, but he was there for 3 long days.

And Abraham had to walk up a mountain, start the kindling, place his son on the altar and raise the knife before the angel of the Lord finally stopped his hand.


There much be value in the journey of faith. It is not just enough to hear of God’s mighty and merciful deeds. No. God wants us to experience them. To sketch us & grow our small seeds of faith. In real time. Sometimes painfully slowly. But it is here, and only here, you learn who God is, experience His goodness and where your faith builds it’s own legs to stand on.

And it is here that you get to see the miracles. Not from far away in safety, but in the pit of the lions, on an Egyptian shore with an army at your back, and in a furnace of fire.

We might never fully understand why, but There is value in the journey.

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