Like a Dog-eared Puppy

Our youngest child has a stuffed animal named Polkadot. Polkadot has been with us about 6 years, and you can tell. Her white fur is faded grey, her once-fluffy fur lays flat, like old shag carpet and she’s been stitched up more than once in the same weak place. But most days? She’s wearing a pink pearl necklace and fancy dress. Why? Because our daughter still sees her as she ONCE was. Similarly, my husband and I married very young – just shy of 20 & 21. You could technically say I was a teenaged bride lol. I’ve gained 50 pounds since having 4 kiddos & 6 rounds of chemo, yet my husband still calls me beautiful. Why? Because he still sees me with young eyes.

Our God is like that: where we see spots and stains from sin and guilt, he sees a pristine bride, perhaps in pink pearls! Where we see shame and regret, he sees a whole, redeemed body – HIS body. But, you see, love is crazy like that: it sees the beauty despite the dirt & wear n’ tear. He calls us “beautiful” and “royal” and “special” and “chosen” – not because of anything we’ve done. No. But because He just chose to love us, calling us His people – some born in & some adopted -but ALL worn & stained. If you’re feeling down today, just remember God loves you like an old, dog-eared puppy…but sees you as His own, chosen bride, His precious One, His child! All seen through the lens of the blood of Jesus.

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