Rock Solid Faith

Genesis 22:3 is One of my favorite verses. “Early the next morning [Abraham went]”. Strange verse to be a favorite, I know. But what makes it my favorite centers around one word: EARLY.

Abraham was old. He’d had to wait over 90 years for his Promise – a son who would make him the Father of a Nation. But finally, after decades and a biggg manipulation, he becomes a father to Isaac.

Imagine his shock when, in verse 2, God tells him to take his son Isaac and SACRIFICE him upon a fiery altar! We have many accounts of God giving messages to people and usually they are followed up by questions from people: Moses asked if he could take his brother to help him speak, Mary asked how she would have a baby since she’d not known a man, and Gideon laid down a fleece prayer – TWICE – to confirm he heard God right in his call to battle.

But Abraham? There was no question. There was no “huh?”. There was no fleece. HE JUST OBEYED.

And he didn’t just OBEY, he obeyed IMMEDIATELY. “EARLY in the morning he left” to sacrifice his one and only son – his cherished promise. EARLY.

Oh, to have that kind of confidence in God! I pray God grants us all that kind of trust in Him!

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