How to Fight

Life is hard sometimes. It just is. There are unexpected crisis and hills and valleys that can leave us reeling. I’ve always “heard” dialogue in my head. No, not like “crazy voices” but I see things play out sometimes like a SNL skit. It makes for humorous moments, sometimes at inopportune times. Once, it happened at church and I BUSTED out laughing, no hiding it. Such happened in 2014. I’d just gotten the bad news that the pain in my hip was, indeed, cancer – probably bone. The statics are not good for that kind. And I heard it. Dialogue, except this time it was not comical but mean. Robed in fake nobility, I heard, “This is the year you show them [my children] how to die.” It sounded honorable, but it was merely a fear monger hoping to take root. As the devil masquerades as an “angel of light” so did this. It beckoned me to accept it as truth, implored me to give in and accept my fate. Just when I was about to surrender, I heard another voice: “No. This is the year I teach them to fight.” And fight, we did. 2014 instantly went from a noble, peaceful “acceptance” to a “lace-up-your-gloves-chick-cause-we-about-to-tangle” fight. It was hard. It was messy. It was ugly. We didn’t do hardly anything right. But we survived. Which, afterall, was the ultimate goal. If you encounter some thoughts that seem good but their fruits are bad, FIGHT THEM, friend! There is value in the struggle!

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